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Tentative Outline- 11/11/08

Ok all, here is the latest version of the book outline. I have compiled all of the blogs in Section 1, and they make up about 200 pages. I think the topics need some polishing in section 2, so send me your thoughts. Some of you are sending me edited blogs- great, by the end of the week would be stellar.

Everyone, please let me know by Friday 11/14 if I missed something you asked for, still need to subsititute/add/change any blogs, and Please let me know if you’d prefer that your blogs be set forth different order.

CURRENT OUTLINE FOR Updated 11/11/08

From the Blueline- NHL Connect Fights Cancer:

A Collection of Connect Blogs from 2008

PART I: INDIVIDUAL CHAPTER FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING CONNECT BLOGGERS (essentially, those who have embraced this project) using 4-5 of their 2008 blogs as identified below. Order is alphabetical except in two instances: The first is that Motley Su’s blogs start the book out, since she wrote about Hockey fighting cancer and secondly, in a completely selfish move, I made myself No. 8, and flipped Kate and JLEWings so we wouldn’t have two wings fans back to back…

1. MotleySu (Pens) (22 blogs)

· Hockey Fights Cancer

· Reliving the “Miracle” through my Dad’s eyes

· Hope and Heartbreak; a tale of two mothers

· The Heart of the NHL


2. Alicia (Philly) (86 blogs)

  • We Believe
  • Getting so attached to your team
  • Experience of a live NHL game
  • Jeff Carter- My favorite Warrior in Orange and Black

3. Cassie (Tampa Bay) (158 blogs)

  • Lightning Stretch Run
  • The Zednick Injury
  • 3 Women inducted into the HHOF – new one
  • Lecavlier needs a nickname

4. CCD3M (Caps/Wings) (63 blogs)

  • Game 1 Experience as a Wings fan in VA
  • Ovechkin is always fast
  • Favorite moments from the Awards Show

5. Ecparke (Washington/Wings) (19 blogs)

  • All Aboard the Washington Ovechkin bandwagon
  • A Tribute to Sean Avery/In defense of SA
  • Ted’s Round 2 picks
  • A Gonzo Night of Hockey

6. Ginvantago (Montreal) (8 blogs)

  • The First of Many
  • The morning After
  • The Day after the Morning After
  • Venting a little
  • Another Day
  • A good week

7. Jenna Tee (Sharks) (26 blogs)

  • Something about the way….
  • You saw it coming
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Its about that time
  • Who is a Captain

8. Juice (Wings)- (78 blogs)

· Cali Hat Trick 1 and 1A (edited into a single blog)

· Nothing but Love

· Oh Eight!

· A Tale of friendship and Loyalty: Mac and Drapes

· Winger Defencemen and goalies in the land of Joe

9. Kate the Great (Hurricanes) (31 blogs)

  • Live from NASCAR Country
  • Story time
  • Trade Talk and Stupid Conspiracy Theories
  • Goalie Smackdown 2008
  • All Hail the “Bod”

10. JLEWings (Wings) (15 blogs)

  • In defense of Hockeytown
  • Red Wings Training Camp
  • The Much Anticipated Wings Fan Fest Blog
  • Meeting Chris Chelios
  • Pictures for Glossy Middle Section

11. Macks (Sabres) (111 blogs)

  • Mickey Renaud Remembered
  • The League and Non-english speakers
  • Meeting Luke Adam
  • Off to Montreal I and II

12. MetalHeadHockeyFanUK (30 Blogs)

  • SuperSaturday
  • Stop the Moralizing
  • Origins of a British NHL fan: A history in hockey videogames
  • Hockey’s forgotten pioneers

13. Mchiconsky (Wings) (11 blogs)

  • It’s a blank
  • Karma Bomb
  • Hockey Dog gone bad (goes in pets section)
  • The Secret Club
  • Featuredmember

14. Nihn (Leafs) (35 Blogs)

  • NHL’s Worst Trades
  • NHL’s Top 15 Stupidest Names.
  • Origin of Team names
  • How To Make Your Own Hockey Jersey.
  • NHL’s Weirdest Superstitions
  • Hockey Fight: Unwritten Rules of Hockey Fighting…

15. Redwingsqueen19 (Wings) -19 blogs

  • You know you’re a diehard fan
  • Fighting in the NHL
  • Fanatical rivalry

16. Strawman64 (Bruins) (25 blogs)

  • If it aint broke don’t fix it.
  • Wacky Wednesday- the blog itself and about 20 of the best limericks
  • The Nine
  • The NHL Connect Dirty Dozen

17. Super Dave (Leafs) (33 Blogs)

  • End of a Dynasty
  • In defense of the Great One
  • What If
  • The Chill of an Early Spring

18. TealGirl073 (Sharks) (23 blogs)

  • A Silly word called Fanhood
  • Summer school term paper
  • Don’t act like I never told ya
  • What happens when….

19. Thorn058 (Pens) (30 blogs)

· The Face of the NHL

· The Kimmo Timonen Story

· Luke it’s a trap, its trap!!!!

· Raiders of the Lost Art: Argument

· Growing up in a Hockey Town

20. Twenty Two (Flyers)

  • Teaching us to fly parts I and III

· Generations of Fans

· 100th Post- Love of the game

· Lindros time to bury the hatchet

· Attacking Shootouts


a. Controversies: Sid, Avery Rule, Homer’s Butt, Radulov…

i. Kyle_720- In defense of Sidney Crosby

ii. Strawman64-Whipping Boy or Saviour

iii. MHHFUK-Everybody hates the Kid

iv. Avery Rule (JH Rangers or NYRFAN)

v. Radulov Blog- someone did a really good one but I can’t remember who.

b. East Conference v Western Conference trilogy

i. Juice- Wild West vs. Explosive East

ii. 22- Rebuttal

b. Pets

i. AIT- all three Dog Blogs

ii. MCHI- Hockey Dog gone bad

c. Thrill of Victory/Agony of defeat

i. Yoda- Acceptance

ii. TG- Close of the season

iii. Need more- I know there are more out there!

d. Rivalries

i. RWQ19- Fanatical Rivalry Stories

ii. Jenna Tee-I hate you, you hate me

e. Dads

i. Pensfor life – Father Blog [need approval]

ii. Jenny_Canuck- For Dad

f. New Kid In Town

i. TBD: bloggers are writing as we speak.

g. Love of the Game: The Fan Experience

i. TrueFan (Dallas) -Inspired Fanticism

ii. Pam/TXhockeycowgirl (Dallas) -Stars Training Camp Fun

iii. Yoda (Sharks) -Congratulations Sergei Fedorov

iv. Sportfanatics (Sharks)- Jabberhockey

v. Carcillio13 (Coyotes)-You might be a hockey fan if…

VI. Glossy Middle Section of Amazing Pics taken by Connectors.



c. Super_Dave

d. Anyone else who wants to contribute their own pics (except red wings pics – we have lots of those….)

Teams Represented:

1. Detroit Red Wings (4)

2. Sharks (5)

3. Flyers(4)

4. Sabres (1)

5. Bruins (1)

6. Hurricanes (1)

7. Pitt (3-4)

8. Tampa (1)

9. Phoenix (1)

10. Leafs (3)

11. Dallas (1)

12. Canucks (1)

13. Caps/Wings (2)

14. Rangers (JH Rangers promises to write on Avery Rule)

15. Montreal (1)

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