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From the Blueline- NHL Connect Fights Cancer:

A Collection of Connect Blogs from 2008

Working Table of Contents


These pages are the current assemblage, subject to change especially when real “book” formatting comes along. This is just so you can get a feel for what the book will look like. All blogs listed are assembled in the current draft, and the executive team will start working on edits this week. PS- formatting on this website stinks- bear with me!

Since I understand that actual publishing will reduce page numbers from the MS Word fomrat I am drafting in, I think it would be great to have extra blogs. We need some blogs on the "Thrill of Victory", I can always move my "Nothing but Love" to that section, but I'd like to see a blog by an unrepresented team- if there is a good blogger out there I just missed please let me know. Also, I'd like one more killer blog for the final blog- in the the Love of the Game Chapter. Any suggestions?

If you would like your blogs to be ordered differently, please let me know ASAP, I made no decisions about how to order- so if you want to lead with something stronger or more heartfelt in your personal sections- let me know!

As I mentioned before, three bloggers are out of alphabetical order: Motley Su, because her Hockey Fights Cancer Blog is perfect and topical; Me, because I selfishly wanted to be No. 8 AND because I wanted to break up two consecutive Wings fans, so I also switched Kate and jleWings.


I. FORWARD – Kevin Smith (Request Pending) pp. i


CH. 1 MOTLEY SU (Pens) pp.1-8

  • Hockey Fights Cancer
  • Reliving “The Miracle” Through Dad’s Eyes
  • Hope & Heartbreak: A Tale of Two Moms
  • The HEART of the NHL

CH. 2 ALICIA (Flyers) (Edits Coming) pp.8-16

  • “We Believe!”
  • Getting so Attached to Your Team
  • Experience of a Live NHL Game …
  • Jeff Carter: My Favorite Warrior in Orange and Black

CH. 3 CASSIE (TBL) pp. 16-20

  • The Lightning Stretch Run
  • The Zednik Injury
  • Lecavalier needs a Nickname
  • Women and the HHOF

CH. 4 CCD3M (Wings/Caps) pp.20-25

  • Game 1 Experience as A Wings fan in VA
  • Favorite Moments from the Awards Show
  • Get to know Alex Semin

CH. 5 ECPARKE (Wings/Caps) pp.26-36

  • All Aboard the Washington Ovechkin Bandwagon
  • A tribute to Sean Avery
  • In defense of Sean Avery
  • Ted’s Round Two Pics: Hope you like Big Reads
  • A Gonzo Night of Hockey

CH. 6 GIVINITAGO (Habs) pp. 36-55

  • Carpe Diem (?) : October 21, 2008
  • I’m Back! (?): October 22, 2008
  • The day after the Morning After; October 23, 2008
  • Million Miles to go(?): October 24, 2008
  • Venting a Little: October 27, 2008
  • Another Day: October 29, 2008
  • Two-a-Days/11 Goals(?): November 2, 2008
  • Restless(?): November 6, 2008

CH. 7 JENNA TEE (Sharks) pp. 55-63

  • Oh Boy …
  • Something about the way he slams into the boards…
  • You Saw it Coming
  • Who is the Captain of a Team and What Does He Do?

CH. 8 JUICE IN LA (Wings) (needs edits) pp. 63-89

  • Nothing but Love
  • Oh Eight
  • Cali Hat Trick I and II (edits needed)
    Mac and Drapes
  • Wingers Defensemen and goalies In the Land Of Joe
CH. 9 Kate the Great (Hurricaines) pp. 89-99

  • Live from NASCAR Country
  • Storytime!
  • Trade Talk and Stupid Conspiracy Theories
  • Goalie Smackdown 2008!
  • All Hail “The Bod”

CH. 10 JLEWINGS (Wings) pp. 99-114

  • In Defense of Hockeytown
  • Meeting Chris Chelios
  • Red Wing Training Camp
  • The Much anticipated Wings Fan Fest Blog

[Special Pictures Section- page numbers not accounted for here]

CH. 11 MACKSAYEV (Sabres) pp. 114-121

  • Mickey Renaud Remembered
  • The League and Non-English Speaking Players
  • Meeting Luke Adam
  • Off to Montreal I and II
    [Also offering Pictures for middle glossy section]

CH. 12 MARJOLAINE (Habs) pp. 121-124

  • 100 Years of Price, 110 years of MTL Canadiens Fans
  • Dreams Come True
  • [Also offering Pictures for middle glossy section]

CH. 13 MICHICONSKY (Wings) pp. 124-128

  • It’s a Blank
  • Karma Bomb
  • The Secret Club
  • Featured Member: The Ride

CH. 14 METALHEADHOCKEYFANUK (Leafs) pp. 128-140

  • Origins of a British NHL Fan
  • The Victoria Cup
  • Hockey’s forgotten Pioneers: Larry Kwong
  • Stop the Moralizing!

  • CH. 15 NINH (Leafs) pp. 140-158
  • Origins of 30 NHL Team Names
  • NHL’s Worst Trades
  • NHL’s Top 15 Stupidest Names
  • How to Make your Own Hockey Jersey I and 11
  • NHL’s Weirdest Superstitions
  • Hockey Fight: Unwritten Rules of Fighting

CH. 16 RED WINGS QUEEN 19 (Wings) pp. 158-161

  • You know you are a diehard fan when…
  • Fighting in the NHL
  • #19 Around the NHL

CH. 17 KEVIN SMITH (Jersey) (Request Pending)

CH. 18 STRAWMAN64(Bruins) pp. 161-169

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  • Wacky Wednesday
  • The NHL Connect Dirty Dozen
  • The Nine

CH. 19 SUPER_DAVE (Leafs) 169-181

  • End of the Dynasty (as we know it?)
  • In defense of the Great One
  • What if?

CH. 20 TEAL GIRL 730 (Sharks) pp.181-194

  • A Tale of two Cities
  • A Silly word called Fanhood
  • Summer school term paper
  • Don’t act like I never told ya
  • What happens when….
  • the Worchester Chronicles
  • Close of the Season
  • [Also offering Pictures for middle glossy section]

CH. 21 THORN058 (Pens) pp. 194-208

  • The Face of the NHL
  • The Kimmo Timonen Story
  • Luke it’s a Trap, It’s a Trap!!!!
  • Raiders of the Lost Art: Argument
  • Growing up in a Hockey Town

CH. 22 TWENTY TWO (Flyers) pp. 208-219

  • Teaching us to fly parts I,II and III
  • Love of the Game
  • Generation of Fans
  • Lindros Time to bury the Hatchet
  • Attacking Shootouts


All In Trouble (Sharks) pp.219-221

        • Of All Dates
        • Opening Day pisser
        • One Lucky Dog

MChiconsky (Wings) pp.221-223

        • Hockey Dog Gone Bad


Motley Su (Pens) pp.223-224

  • Redemption

Need more. Would like some bloggers who are not Red Wing, Sharks or Pens fans- as we are well represented in this book.


Yodaman (Sharks) pp.224-225

  • Acceptance

SuperDave (Leafs) pp.225-228

  • Chill of an Early Spring


Radulov pp.228-230

  • Kyle 720-The Skinny on Radulov
  • Kyle 720-Preds Suspend Radulov
  • Kyle 720-KHL to allow Arbitration
Avery Rule
  • JHRangers- The Avery Rule pp.231-232
  • TxHockeyCowgirl-My Thoughts on Sean Avery pp. 232-233

Sidney Crosby

  • Strawman64-Whipping Boy or Saviour? pp. 233-234
  • MetalHeadHockeyFanUK-Everybody hates the Kid pp. 234-236
  • Hockeyfan 48- Pens Salesman pp.237

East V West – Not sure we are keeping this segment…


  • Jenna Tee- I hate you, You hate me pp.238-241
  • RedWingsQueen19-Fanatical Rivalries pp. 241-242


  • Jenny Canuck- For Dad pp.243-244
  • Pens4life-Living with the enemy pp. 245-246
  • RedwingsQueen (In process)


  • CCD3M- Petition for a New face pp.246-248
  • CCD3m- Mike “Game Over” Green pp.248-251
  • Jenna Tee- New guy on in the block, er league pp.251-252
  • Twenty Two- Lucic (In process)
  • Motley Su- Class of 2005 (In process)


  • True Fan – Inspired Fanaticism pp.253-255
  • Sportsfanatic-Jabberhockey pp.255-256
  • Carcillo13- You might be a Hockey Fan if pp.256-260
  • THCG- Stars Training Camp fun pp.260-261
  • Yodaman-Congratulations Sergei pp.262-263
  • Circa- O Dallas pp. 263-264

Teams Represented:

1. Detroit Red Wings (4-6)

2. Sharks (5)

3. Flyers(2)

4. Sabres (2)

5. Bruins (1)

6. Hurricanes (1)

7. Pitt (3)

8. Tampa (1)

9. Phoenix (1)

10. Leafs (4)

11. Dallas (3)

12. Canucks (1)

13. Caps/Wings (2)

14. Montreal (2)

15. Canucks (1)

16. Rangers (1)

17. Devils (1)– If K. Smith plays with us.

Ok, let me know how you feel about this! here or at the email address I will send to you in a NHL Connect message.

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